Chaos and Controversy: FC Barcelona Coach Xavi and De Jong Speak Out After Getafe Draw

1. Spectacular Showdown: Catch the electrifying highlights of the Botafogo vs. Internacional match, filled with breathtaking goals and intense moments.  

Referee Controversy: Coach Xavi and De Jong criticize referee in heated Getafe match, sparking debate.

Barcelona's Disappointment: FC Barcelona's hopes dashed as referee decisions lead to a draw against Getafe.

Xavi's Critique: FC Barcelona's coach Xavi slams referee for questionable calls in Getafe match.

De Jong Speaks Out: Midfielder De Jong voices displeasure with referee after turbulent Getafe clash.

Referee Backlash: Xavi and De Jong call out referee's performance in controversial Getafe match.

Controversial Draw: Referee's role under scrutiny as FC Barcelona's Xavi and De Jong speak up after Getafe match.