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Best 7 Free WhatsApp Online Trackers: Monitor Last Seen and Online Status

What is a WhatsApp Online Tracker?

You can use the WhatsApp Online Tracker to find out if someone is online right now and whether they have a WhatsApp account.

What Makes WhatsApp Online Tracker Necessary?

Because WhatsApp is used by so many people, it is now more crucial than ever to keep an eye on conversations and track online activity. Reliable WhatsApp tracker apps are available to meet these needs, whether it is to catch someone online or keep tabs on loved ones’ chats.

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These applications come with a number of features, such as media file access, chat history tracking, and online alert notifications. They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and are readily available for download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Monitoring personal activities on WhatsApp is crucial not only for child safety and employee management, but also for other reasons.

These tracker apps provide important features like group conversation tracking, chat history monitoring, and even access to deleted messages. By using these apps, you can enhance your understanding of WhatsApp usage by learning more about media files and conversations.

Furthermore, because they are essential for tracking and evaluating customer interactions, WhatsApp online tracker tools are also important in the context of WhatsApp Business.

With the aid of these tools, businesses can monitor customer engagement, response times, and online activity, which helps them better target their marketing efforts and raise customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the need for WhatsApp online tracker apps stems from the need to maintain awareness, guarantee security, and enhance marketing endeavors for both personal and professional use. You can efficiently keep an eye on online activities, learn more, and make messaging safer and more productive by using these apps.

2024’s Top 7 WhatsApp Online Trackers

1. WADeck

Users can keep an eye on any phone number’s online status on WhatsApp with the powerful tool Free WhatsApp Online Tracker. With its user-friendly interface and free access, WADeck provides a practical solution for managing WhatsApp conversations. Qualities:

  • Check Online Status: With WhatsApp, you can quickly ascertain if a phone number is online. Users can check any contact’s online status on WhatsApp Web by following these two easy steps.
    • Step 1: Select the country code and enter the phone number.
    • Step 2: Click the check button to obtain the online status.
  • Send WhatsApp Messages to Non-Contacts: With WADeck, users can send messages to anybody on WhatsApp, regardless of whether or not those people are kept as contacts. With just the recipient’s phone number, users can easily create a WhatsApp connection and start a conversation.

WADeck is as easy to use as it gets thanks to its streamlined two-step process. In order to increase their network and communication options, users can send WhatsApp messages to people who are not contacts and rapidly ascertain whether a phone number is online.

Discover the ease of use and rich feature set of WADeck as a free online tracker for WhatsApp. Take advantage of the free online status check and seamless messaging services.

2. Logify

You can track your WhatsApp contacts online with this Android app. You can use Logify to get alerts on WhatsApp when contacts you have stored go online. You can easily manage your WhatsApp tracking by downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

To utilize Logify, just take these actions:

  • Download and install the Logify app from the Play Store.
  • Give the required authorizations.
  • With Logify, you can keep an eye on users’ login times and online activities on WhatsApp on a weekly and monthly basis.

3. The xMobi

A trustworthy WhatsApp tracker app that provides in-the-moment chat, call log, and media file monitoring is called xMobi. Here’s how to use xMobi:

  • Install xMobi on the intended device after downloading it.
  • Create an account and finish the configuration.
  • To view WhatsApp activities, go to the xMobi dashboard.
  • Get alerts when users enter the chat room or reply to messages.

4. The Mobis

Real-time WhatsApp monitoring, including call logs, deleted messages, and chats, is available with uMobix. uMobix can be used as follows:

  • Set up the uMobix application on the intended device.
  • Establish an account and set up the required parameters.
  • Use the uMobix online dashboard to access data from WhatsApp.
  • Track WhatsApp conversations, call records, and other activities from a distance.

5. Eyezen

With real-time location tracking, contact details, and chat monitoring, Eyezy is a sophisticated WhatsApp tracker app. This is how Eyezy is used:

  • Set up Eyezy on the intended gadget.
  • Create an account and finish the setup procedure.
  • Use the Eyezy dashboard to monitor activity on WhatsApp.
  • Get alerts when someone launches WhatsApp or logs on to the internet.

6. Watch Hovercraft

Hoverwatch is a feature-rich WhatsApp tracker app that lets you record calls, track locations, and monitor chats. This is how Hoverwatch is used:

  • Set up Hoverwatch on the intended gadget.
  • Establish an account and adjust the preferences.
  • Log in to the Hoverwatch web portal to access WhatsApp data.
  • Monitor chats, call logs, and multimedia files remotely.

7. ClevGuard

A simple-to-use WhatsApp tracker app, ClevGuard provides real-time control and monitoring capabilities. This is how ClevGuard is used:

  • Set up ClevGuard on the intended gadget.
  • Create an account and finish the setup procedure.
  • Enter the ClevGuard dashboard to view the activities on WhatsApp.
  • Receive notifications and keep track of your online status on WhatsApp.


To summarize, WADeck is the best free WhatsApp online tracker for monitoring last seen and online status. WADeck, with its user-friendly interface and powerful features, offers a convenient solution for managing WhatsApp communications.

WADeck makes checking the online status of any phone number on WhatsApp simple, requiring only two steps. It also allows you to send WhatsApp messages to non-contacts, expanding your communication possibilities.

Upgrade your WhatsApp tracking experience with WADeck to enjoy free online status checks and seamless messaging. WADeck gives you complete control over your WhatsApp tracking needs.

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